Law enforcement all over the South keeping a close eye on speeders this week

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Law enforcement all over the southeast is cracking down on speeding.

The Georgia State Patrol is teaming up with local and other state law enforcement agencies to target drivers who endanger the safety of others and themselves. It’s called ‘Operation Southern Shield.’

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says speeding has been a factor in about one-third of all traffic deaths in the United States in the last two decades.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety says almost 500 people have died this year on the roadways. In Georgia last year, there were more than 260 speed-related fatalities, according to GDOT. Although, ‘Operation Southern Shield’ is aimed to curb these numbers.

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety says the goal of ‘Operation Southern Shield’ is not to write a lot of tickets in the coming days but rather show drivers how speeding drastically increases traffic crashes and deaths.

“This is our third year of it and it’s a solid increase in speeding fatalities and speeding crashes in the Southeast and we decided we should try to have a week dedicated to speed awareness and speed enforcement,” said Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Director Roger Hayes.

Hayes continued, “If you’re traveling 80 miles an hour on the interstate in a 70 miles an hour zone, your odds of being involved in a traffic crash or fatality increase 71%. That’s huge. I’m not willing to put my family at a 71% increase.”

Not only is law enforcement agencies honing in on speeders this week but they’ll also keep a close watch on those driving under the influence, drivers not wearing their seat belt, and on people who are on their phones illegally.

‘Operation Southern Shield’ will last from July 15 until July 21.

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