Laney students test distracted driving

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A national foundation taught local teens about the dangers of distracted driving. 

Many of us are guilty of not having our eyes on the road at all times. The students at Lucy C. Laney High School thinks there is a simple solution, put your phone down.

“Don’t text and drive and you know, be safe,” said student Iyoena Demmons.

Student Napoleon Gardenhire added, “Don’t text and drive. It’s really hard.”

Recent studies show distracted driving is the number one cause of deaths on the road for people from 16 to 29 years-old.

“It’s a very big problem. Nowadays everybody is on their phone checking their Snapchat, checking their Instagram, checking their Facebook notifications. It’s become a very big issue all over the country,” said Joshua Jackson, a PEERS Foundation representative.

Tuesday the PEERS Foundation, a youth empowerment group, visited Laney to show students how to be safe behind the wheel.

Jackson explained, “They’re the less experienced drivers. They’re the ones just getting out on the road and they’re the ones who need more instant gratification when it comes to their social media.”

Students practiced distracted driving through augmented reality.

“The steering wheel seemed kind of shift or whatever but I mean it seemed kind of real life,” said Demmons.

According to student Rhykeria Rolland, “The wheel was hard so I couldn’t. Every time (I was) going over fast it would like swerve.”

“We tell them to send a snap. To take a selfie. You know, taking a selfie is a big thing nowadays so everybody’s taking them,” said Jackson.

When asked about the Georgia Hands-Free Law that went into effect this summer, students say some people just don’t care.

“Some people just disregard the rules in life,” said Gardenhire.

Demmons added, “I see people on their phone and I see the police next to them. I don’t think it helps.”

The bottom line for these students is to refrain from using their phone while they’re rolling down the road.

“Don’t text and drive or don’t have the phone in your hand while driving,” said Rolland.

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