Operation Southern Shield is in full force for the second year.

The week-long speed enforcement operation is implemented to put the breaks on speeding in five of the southeastern states; South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama.

“The higher the speed, the more violent the crash,” said Senior Trooper Rollins. “We are just trying to cut down on traffic fatalities this week.”

Passing through areas on the interstate or driving along an open road; may cause you to speed.

If you do have a need for speed, you run the risk of getting pulled over by Trooper Rollins or by other local law enforcement.

“We’re pretty much on all of the roads looking for speeding,” said Rollins. “It’s random where we will be and when will be there throughout the state. We will be covering all of the roads.”

You may be thinking you’re okay if the speedometer is hovering within 10 miles per hour of the posted speed limit.

But Trooper Rollins says that’s not the case; there is no grace speed. The speed limit is the speed limit. 

“It’s all about keeping folks safe,” explained the Georgia State Patrol Trooper. “Getting people where they’re going safely. We want to see folks traveling throughout the state that is not resident, make it to their designation safely. Of course, the residents of the state to be safe.”

The United States Department of Transportation says speeding was a factor in 31 percent of fatal crashes in the U.S. from 2005 through 2014.

Trooper Rollins encourages all drivers to use this week as a learning period.

“If you’re running late, then you’re already late,” said Rollins. “Just slow down a little bit and do the speed limit. Leave 30 minutes early that way you know you’ll be there on time.”

Georgia State Patrol in told NewsChannel 6, they did see a drop in traffic fatalities last year during Operation Southern Shield.