City traffic leaders look to make improvements on Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway

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Augusta- More traffic in Augusta means more congestion and traffic engineers are looking at one particular problem area.

“It’s pretty dangerous,” says Randall Tatum, he lives in Augusta.

Dangerous, that’s one of the most common words used when drivers describe the conditions out on Robert C.Daniel Jr. Pkwy.

“Too much traffic too hard to get in and out; it’s too congested,” says Tatum.

Another local Fifi Memon says, “There’s no way of telling when there’s a car incoming. I think they need to do something about that cut right there.”

Memon drives through the area to shop at Target.   She says it’s really hard to get around here, especially with the bushes on either side of the roads.

Memon says “they block the view completely.”

But city traffic engineers say there’s no issue.

“We found that it’s a very normal street as far as the number of accidents and those types of things, so as far as we’re aware, it’s working pretty well for all the stores and all the traffic that is through that area,” said John Ussery, he’s the Assistant Director of Traffic, Augusta Engineering Department.

Ussery says though those conditions in the area are considered safe, they are looking at ways to make it more convenient by adding lanes.

“We have an intersection project at Robert C. Daniel and Wheeler road. We hope to expand that intersection a little bit and give people some dedicated turning lanes, so you don’t have to wait at a long line of cars to either go straight or turn right or turn left, so we hope to expand that intersection,” said Ussery.

Some drivers say that may not be enough.

Tatum says “it just makes it more difficult to cross when you make it wider. It’s good for traffic once it’s on there and moving, but it doesn’t make it anymore easier or any safer when getting out. In fact, it makes it more dangerous getting out.”

Ussery says they’ll be putting those ideas on paper this year, then they’ll look for input from the community.

Count on us to keep you updated with the latest developments on this project.

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