Zoom for commissioners brings frustration, but its not going away

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Augusta, Ga (WJBF) Coronavirus concerns or not there is city government business that needs to be done and city leaders right now, and all the way to August, will be using technology to do it but they are using that technology not very well.

It’s been a learning curve for Augusta commissioners conducting their meetings using zoom, its been a challenge.

“I am normally exhausted ands a little frustrated that’s all in growth,’’ says Commissioner Dennis Williams

In April commissioners began using tele-conferencing for meetings. city leaders still getting the hang of it.

“Unmute yourself sir.”

City business impacts all of Augusta, and its being conducted through a lot of noise and distractions.

“I watch them I want to know what’s going on I find them quite painful, I think all of them should have been given direction on how to use zoom to begin with,’’ says Tina Slendak of the Facebook page, Augusta Political Watch.

“It is hard to follow because we are not skilled like ABC and NBC is right now,’’ says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

City leaders are going to have time to get better they voted to wait several more weeks before meeting in person, instead of starting this month, so there will be several more weeks of zoom.

“With things lightening up a little I think they could certainly start doing it the way they use to but it’s very distracting and like I said very difficult to watch,” said Slendak.

For commissioners it is making meetings difficult, and they’re lasting longer, you can hear the frustration.

“We need to stick to the agenda and go down the agenda this is becoming a clown show it’s almost six o’clock,’’ said Commissioner Bobby Williams during Tuesday’s meeting

Commissioners will be using the technology at least until Augusta, by the time we get there who knows it could leave a lot more room to zoom.

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