Youth brings District 1 Commissioner Candidates together


AUGUSTA, Ga. – William McClain is the founder of the William McClain Youth Platform, which is a group of young adults informing the community about political issues in the CSRA. McClain tells us his passion for starting this group is to make change, no matter your age.

“We’re going to be the future. We’re going to end up running the city of Augusta, running the state of Georgia, running the United States of America. So I definitely feel like whenever we have a chance to be a part of policy making process, we’ll go ahead and go for it,” says William McClain, founder of the William McClain Youth Platform.

With the election year around the corner, 16-year-old William McClain is putting all of his efforts towards informing the youth and the community about political issues through the William McClain Youth Platform.

On November 9th, McClain along with Malaysia Taylor held a panel discussion at the municipal building to talk about political issues concerning ‘The Riverfront at the Depot’ project, food desert, and paid parking in District 1.

“These are important. These are things that are coming up. And candidates in the election should be able to speak on and everyone should just be able to know these things,” says Malaysia Taylor, Panelist.

So the youth platform brought in three out of the four candidates running for the Augusta Commission in District 1: Jordan Johnson, Shawnda Griffin, and Michael Thurman.

One of these candidates will be taking the place of Commissioner Bill Fennoy, so it was an opportunity for them to debate and answer any questions.

“Even with the local topics they’ll relate to national things, because they will be able to have the gaps filled in by my platform. Where they’re able to decide okay I’m going to vote for this or I’m not going to be able to vote for this. So we’re giving them that opportunity to educate them,” says William.

Candidates also spoke on issues like lowering crime, improving transportation, and more. McClain tells us he may be too young to vote, but all who are eligible to vote should get out to the polls.

“Use their vote. If you’re able to vote, go ahead and use that vote. And if you’re not able to vote, encourage people to vote,” says William.

The William McClain youth platform has also partnered with Georgia Shift, a group that encourages people to vote, to increase votes in the community. McClain tells us he will be planning another town hall meeting with the district attorney candidates at the top of 2020.

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