Young boys learn how to handle law enforcement successfully


AUGUSTA, Ga. – “We’re not going to stand for the violence and were tired of losing the young people to deaths and incarceration,” says Joshua Freeman, Richmond County Deputy of Road Patrol.

Mothers crowded the Brigham Community Center to see how they can save their sons from falling into trouble. Total Women of Augusta hosted a Women-to-Son event to give answers on how to dodge what they call ‘the pitfalls of life’.

Mothers also had concerns on what they should do if their sons finds themselves in trouble or at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“One of the questions that were asked is if my child is in with another group of children and something goes wrong, why is my child being arrested if he’s not involved in it,” says Theresa Richards, Executive Director and Founder of Total Women of Augusta:

Which is why organizers want to talk to young boys about how to successfully deal with law enforcement.

“When they get into certain situations we want them to know their rights. What to do and what not to do. And it was explained to them some of the things they can do to keep themselves out of trouble,” says Theresa Richards.

Law enforcement and ministers also came in to talk about life and prison and how they need to set goals for themselves.

“Something they can look forward to in life, something that will keep them from going to the streets, something that will not allow them to fall in the peer pressures of society,” says Robert Baker, a minister.

Mothers tell us this is necessary in our community.

“I would like more of this to come and it looks like this should’ve been going on a long time ago,” says Marva Kyler, Lives in Augusta.

Overall, young boys who participated say the insight they got will motivate them to stay out of trouble.

“Jail is the worse place for you to be and prison is even worse, so if I can imagine would jail would be like I really can’t imagine what prison could be like,” says Dequan Kelly, a participant.

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