AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) – Splashing into summer, its what many kids are doing to cool off as temperatures continue to rise.

However, as pools become more crowded, drowning becomes a greater concern.

“It takes seconds for a child to slip under the water and not be able to resurface,” YMCA Training and Outreach director Jessica Bacon said.

At the YMCA, outreach director Jessica Bacon said a swim test for all kids under 16 helps them keep an extra eye on kids who may need extra attention.

“We can look on their wrist and see what band they have and know if they could be a swimmer that could become endangered quicker than another swimmer,” Bacon said.

Carolyn Shinkle said her granddaughter is taking swimming lessons at the Y.

“When she first started coming when she was six months old we put her in swim lessons. I mainly wanted to make sure she didn’t drown,” Shinkle said.

Shinkle said the swim test and other safety measures help keep her granddaughter safe.

“So, I think its important that the Y has even upped their safety standards here by making sure that kids that can’t swim have life jackets on. They have life jackets over there those kids can use to make sure that they don’t have drown,” Shinkle said.

Bacon said drowning can happen quickly and silently which is why its important for parents to always keep an eye on their children.

“Anytime a child is in, near or around water we need a water watcher, a designated person that is keeping an eye on the water if lifeguards are not available. So at the beach or at a backyard pool someone should be appointed as the person to be watching the water at that time.”