Yarn bombing coming to downtown Augusta


Public art on its way to the downtown Broad Street area is about to make the city a lot more colorful thanks in part to some old yarn. 

Visitors to the The 900 block of Broad St. are about to get the wool pulled over their eyes.   

“A lot of different things  there’s a geisha tree that’s going to be magnificent, there’s a unicorn pole with an enchanted forest theme,” said Veronica Mulkey from the group Hooked on Augusta.

This enchanted forest is coming downtown where the group called  Hooked on Augusta will be setting up a display of yarn art. 
“Artists in Augusta, who have already created these fabulous works of art are using crochet knitting, some weaving techniques and they’re going to install them up the trees and polls in downtown Augusta,” said Mulkey. 

It’s sometimes know as yarn bombing where the artists put up their knitted displays without permission, 

But Veronica’s  got the okay from  the Arts Council and the Commission..

“We worked with city engineering, we have permit an encroachment permit. We’ve insured the artists through the Arts Council,” said Arts Council Executive Director Brenda Durant.

The yarn display is outdoors so there will be rain but the group consulted other cities where its been done.  

“They said that three months this stuff should last. We’ll keep an eye on it, if it starts looking tattered we’ll go out and make repairs,” said Mulkey. 

The yarn display set up begins Saturday morning and it’s not costing taxpayers a dime. 

“No, this was all funded by donations from the artists actually doing the work paying for the yarn. We also solicited for donated yarn and we had an overwhelming amount of donated yarn,” said Mulkey. 

Weather permitting, this yarn display should be beautifying downtown to about early July In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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