AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– XPR Augusta was the highly anticipated, multiday concert series planned for Masters week. It was officially cancelled a week out from the event, and some ticketholders say they still haven’t gotten their money back.

Ticket sales to see big names like Tim McGraw and Jimmy Buffett were halted last month due to issues with the grounds at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

Commissioner Brandon Garrett says the event organizers, C4 Live, did make an effort to repair the stadium in time.

“You can see where they’ve gutted much of the inside of the stadium, they’ve torn out part of the stands, there’s been a lot of mold remediation that was done because that stadium had sat there for quite a few years. There’s a lot of work that has already been done,” Commissioner Garrett said.

But the grounds were not ready in time, so the concerts were officially cancelled on March 30th.

C4 Live said tickets purchased through their website would be refunded within 14 days of cancellation.

But many ticketholders say they still haven’t seen their money.

“Obviously, that time has passed,” ticket holder Marissa Coyne said. “It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing.”

Wednesday ticketholders received an email from C4 Live saying in part, “Due to the high volume of cancellations, additional refunds may not begin processing for up to 20 days from the posted cancellation date.”

“I think the most frustrating part is that we purchased these tickets months and months ago so they essentially have our money,” Coyne said.

Commissioner Garrett says the concert’s cancellation will not be the end of C4 Live’s relationship with the City of Augusta. He says C4 Live will continue investing in the stadium.

“I’ve asked some questions in regards to how much has already been spent. It has been upwards of $600,000 to $700,000 already. They have guaranteed over $3 million that they will be spending there and that may even go higher as they work to find an engineering solution to the grounds situation,” Commissioner Garrett said.

Commissioners say the City of Augusta nor its taxpayers have lost any money to this project.

But, at least for now, some ticketholders are left holding the bag.

“Hopefully they have the money to refund everybody. I guess we’ll wait and see how that plays out,” ticket holder Jim Gay said.

So far, 400 tickets have been refunded. C4 Live tells NewsChannel 6 in a statement, “C4 Live is not able to share total ticket sales but will provide additional updates and information as the refund process is fully completed.”