AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Questions as to whether the show will go on at Lake Olmstead Masters Week are still up in the air. Ticket sales to see artists such as Blake Shelton, Jimmy Buffett and Tim McGraw were suspended last week due to issues with the venue, but people who purchased tickets don’t know if the event is still happening.

Jim Gay and Buddy Roussel met each other and their group of friends at a Jimmy Buffett concert years ago. Traveling across the country for Buffett concerts has become their long time tradition.

“This one seemed especially appealing because we also like golf and it was going to be around the Masters. I was really, really, really looking forward to all getting together, hanging out, and going to see Jimmy Buffett,” said Roussel who lives in Baton Rouge.

The group even made matching caddy uniforms for the event.

Jim Gay, Buddy Roussel and friends’ custom Jimmy Buffett uniforms for XPR Augusta.

But their excitement turned to confusion when XPR Augusta announced ticket sales were suspended due to ground issues at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

“There’s problems with the soil, I get it. That’s out of their control I guess, but communicating better would have been nice,” said Gay who lives in Philadelphia.

Gay says he has not received a response from XPR about whether or not the concert is still on.

XPR Augusta tells NewsChannel 6 the event is not cancelled, but some concert goers say it is unclear if the concert is still happening.

“It puts people in such a precarious situation. Not a lot of people have almost $1,000 just to say okay keep the money. The concert is cancelled keep my money,” said Marissa Coyne who lives in Philadelphia.

Coyne planned to make the trip to Augusta from Philadelphia for her 57th Jimmy Buffett concert.

“All I wanted for my birthday was to see Jimmy Buffett on my birthday. I didn’t want a party, I didn’t want a fuss, I just wanted my husband and I to go to this concert,” Coyne said.

The XPR website currently says Jimmy Buffett is scheduled to perform among others, but Buffett’s official website has no Augusta dates listed – a change from a week ago.  

Some concert goers say artists not listing the concert on their official websites made them nervous, and they decided to pull out too.

Coyne, Gay, Boussel and friends all cancelled their trips and are trying to get their money back.

“My frustration is that this is two weeks away and a lot of travel sites, a lot of airlines, a lot of rental cars, that two week window is really imperative in being able to get your money back,” Coyne said.

“We’re working on a plan B for another destination, but I was really looking forward to it. It combines two of my favorite things, Jimmy Buffett and the Masters. It was a no brainer to me and it’s disappointing it has come to this,” Gay said.

C4 Live, the event promoter, said in a statement:

“Our number one priority remains the safety and security of all our fans, talent, employees, volunteers and community partners. Geotechnical engineers have been onsite to conduct further analysis of the infield and outfield at Lake Olmstead Stadium. Production and ticket sales remain temporarily suspended at this time. We will share more information as soon as it becomes available. – Michael Perry and Greg Costello, managing partners, C4 Live.”