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Whole Life Ministries in Augusta has become an Augusta staple for helping and healing.

The church has grown by leaps and bounds since it began in a building on Druid Park Avenue.

The church has become a leader in more ways than one.

In fact, it’s founder is one of the first women ordained in the Southern Baptist denomination.

Dr. Sandra Kennedy credits her success, and that of the churches, to a higher power.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Sandra Kennedy has been on a journey of teaching the word of God.

“I was about 9 years old when he said ‘I will use you in the healing ministry’ I didn’t even know what that was. I didn’t understand it. But, it has certainly, certainly come to pass,” Dr. Kennedy reflects.

Born and raised in Midville, Georgia, Dr. Kennedy came from small beginnings with big faith that has led her to ministering to large audiences of people around the world.

“Basically the Middle East and all of Europe and all of those areas. Also, DirecTV, Dish TV and a lot of the ministries that come out of England.” she explains.

And even Russia.

Her faith and fearlessness have been vehicles to expand the territory of her ministry.

Under her direction, property once leased is now owned and has stretched to include a bustling bookstore that is the largest of its kind in the area.

The property also houses a cafe just off the bookstore.

Learning doesn’t stop in that location.

Just around the corner the sounds of children playing at recess fill the air surrounding the church’s academy which educates children from pre-school to sixth grade.

While the church feeds hearts and minds it also provides nourishment for the body through food at its award winning restaurant “Honey from the Rock.”

The restaurant draws crowds from across the CSRA and Dr. Kennedy explains people come here for more than a fulfillment of food.

“We’re just a praying church. anybody wants prayer we’ll pray for you. Many people off the streets who were thinking about suicide have come into the restaurant, Dee, and the lord has set them free.”

This success in saving souls hasn’t come without struggle.

“When I started I mean all hell really broke loose when I started in all honesty among Pastors and Preachers who did not believe in women preachers and the funny thing about it Dee is I didn’t believe in them either,” she states.

Dr. Kennedy says visions from god developed, and continue to strengthen, the foundation upon which she lays the building blocks of each branch this ministry.

She says it’s been done through a teaching center, counseling ministry and book store.

But she also credits the people who have surrounded her along this journey.

Dr. Kennedy explains, “I’ve always said, I’m not interested in people with money on a board. I’m interested in people who know how to pray. So, I just sought people who are part of our church who knew how to pray.”

While the journey has seen its share of bumps along the way.

Dr. Kennedy says she takes great joy in using her past to help others navigate a smoother way toward their future in ministry and business.

“I’m not the smartest pencil in the box but I’m in the box. Hallelujah! I think I can help some people not to go certain paths and particularly if they want to walk the walk with God almighty,” she concludes.

To learn more about Whole Life Ministries go to https://www.wholelife.org/

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