AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Dr. Melissa Frank Alston has spent 32 years in education..

The last 17 years have been at Augusta Technical College.

She says her passion for education started early in life..

“Where I lived we didn’t have a library. So, we had the book mobile and my sisters and brothers and I were very excited when the bookmobile came because we could check out as many books as possible.”

Those visits to the bookmobile also steered Dr. Alston into her purpose toward helping create educational opportunities for others.

“I do whatever I can through advancing different programs of study. We work with different industry to ensure that we have various programs where our students can make family earning wages. So, looking at various scholarships and WYA grants for those students,” Dr. Frank Alston explains.

The seed of desire to help others was planted at home.

“I’m the youngest of 14 in my family. I’m very proud of the accomplishments that I’ve made in my life. But, I had older brothers and sisters that I had the opportunity to look up to who were kind of like younger moms and dads for me. They’ve always believed in me and I’ve always had mentors who believed in me. So, I try to do that to the staff and faculty that I supervise as well as the students that I interact with.”

Currently, she serves as the Provost at Augusta Technical College.

Augusta Technical College President Dr. Jermaine Whirl says she is an integral part of the school’s success.

“She over all of our academic programs which is about 138 plus the college’s accredidation, plus our IT services and our research division. So, it’s pretty expansive in terms of her footprint and more importantly leading almost half of the institution. So, I put a lot of trust in her. Our board of Directors put a lot of trust in her and she’s just stellar.”

That’s why Dr. Melissa Frank Alston is one of our Women To Watch.