AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – There is no clear path to success.

But one local woman has used all of the steps along the way to pave a road to her goal and she’s helping others along the way.

That’s why Alea Garvin is one of our women to watch.

The Whipped Creamery in Grovetown is more than just a store.

For co-owner Alea garvin it’s a small piece of a bigger puzzle.

“After having worked for so many different employers I gave my best, I did my absolute best but it still didn’t feel right. I always loved desserts. Ice cream has always been my thing My very first job was working in an ice cream shop. So, that seed was planted when I was 16 years old,” she explains.

After spending decades as a Human Resource professional and Real Estate agent then Broker, Alea

says she had a taste for something different career wise.

But, she took things from her past to mold her present and future.

“I think working in those positions I gave everything that I could give and when the opportunity presented itself God put me in a different role, a different position. So, whether it was what I wanted to do, or not, I think that God was already building me and molding me into the position I’m in. I needed all of those things.”

She admits the transition was not easy.

But, while taking the leap of faith, Alea says her team helped cushion the landing.

“There is no me without them. I’m here because of them. My team is my motivation. They won’t let me give up. I listen to my team. They are my top priority. If I take care of them, they’ll take care of the customer. That has proven to be true,” she reflects.

The desire to take care of customers has resulted in Alea serving up joy throughout the area.

“From report cards, I work with schools giving out different coupons for whatever they’ve got going on to give kids free ice cream. We also have a mobile unit so we’ve been working with more schools getting the mobile unit out for teacher appreciation.”

As she works to finishing the puzzle of her life Alea makes it a point to dish out wisdom along the way.

She concludes, “follow your heart. Don’t follow someone else’s path. Follow it is what you want to do.”

The Whipped Creamery is located at 514 Oxbow Dr, Grovetown, GA 30813