Woman suffers severe injuries after being attacked outside of night club


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Less than a minute changed Brittany Stevens’ life forever. What was supposed to be a night of fun turned into a nightmare when she was attacked by two women and a man after leaving The Scene Night Club.

“The damage was severe, and it’s something she’s going to live with forever,” says Donna Joyner, Brittany’s Mother.

That’s how Donna Joyner remembers August 3rd. It’s the day her daughter, Brittany Stevens was confronted twice by two women she did not know.She says they were very aggressive accusing Brittany of talking to one of the girls’ ex-boyfriend.

Bystanders pulled them away twice, but the final time a man joined to help them with the attack while Brittany was waiting for her Uber.

“Trying to defend herself saying I don’t know you, I don’t know him, I don’t know what’s going on. Can you just please leave me alone. And then the next thing she remembers she is grabbed and snatched over this wall and railing and she hit the ground on her back,” says Joyner.

Before she was grabbed she realized it was a dead end, the two girls had followed her, and there was no hope.

“These three people took off running, and she was just left there on the concrete, blood pouring from her face, barley conscious,” says Joyner.

All kicks and blows where targeted to the face causing Brittany to suffer multiple lacerations on her face giving her stitches and her orbital bone shattered forcing to have surgery.

“That titanium plate holds that bone in place and the muscle that controls her eye lays on top of that,” says Joyner.

The family is praying that her vision and function of her eye isn’t damaged. Physically Brittany is healing, but mentally she is still terrified because at least one of her attackers she never saw and he’s still out there.

“Terrified that this man that is involved has not been identified. She is terrified that he is going to find her,” says Joyner.

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