AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The woman injured during a jet blast at Augusta Regional Airport wants answers nearly one month after the incident.

Suzanne Valliere flies in a private jet nearly once a month to different Dillard’s stores across the country as part of her job. She checks in at the Augusta Mall Dillard’s almost every year. But last month, her return trip got a little rocky at Augusta Regional Airport.

She told NewsChannel 6, “We were getting ready to leave as we have a thousand times. I remember being at the airport.”

She has no memory of what happened. She only remembers leaving the Augusta store.

But this Richmond County case report states Valliere was knocked down by jet wash from another aircraft that was departing the area near the private jet she was boarding. First responders noted the 47-year-old lacked spatial awareness and was not cognizant of what was going on at the time. Her husband, Kevin Valliere, rushed to Augusta from Florida when he heard the news.

“They just said they were sorry, it was an accident and they couldn’t give me anything,” he said. “They said there was a video tape, I asked if I could look at it.”

The Vallieres have nothing and want answers. NewsChannel 6 reached out to Augusta Regional Airport, but a spokesperson said they have no comment while the incident is under investigation.

We also reached out the the NTSB and FAA. Officials told NewsChannel 6 that while the investigation is still in its early stages, a preliminary report related to the accident will be available on the NTSB’s website within the next few days.

But it’s a long road for Suzanne, who hit her head when she fell and suffered from intracranial hematoma. The result was a crainotomy and surgical drainage leaving multiple stitches, a broken clavicle and lacerations on her side from the fall.

“I have a few balance issues right now,” Suzanne said. “I have some tendinitis, some vertigo. I’m not so steady. I can’t drive or anything right now.”

In addition to healing, Valliere wants to get back to being a wife and mother to her six-year-old son.

NewsChannel 6 will continue to follow this investigation.