#Update | July 18, 2022 – The Burke County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for the body of Simon Powell. They sent an update on the search Monday morning:

Over the weekend we have identified another pond that is a point of interest in this case. Our investigators along with EMA will work this area today and see what develops.As we work the area I will keep you all informed of any developments that may arise. The area we are working is located on private property and is considered part of a crime scene and is not accessible to anyone other than those individuals working this case so the location will not be disclosed at this time. Our focus is on finding the remains of Mr. Powell and bringing his family and friends closure.

Capt. Jimmy Wylds, Burke County Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE – 2:20 P.M. – The Burke County Sheriff’s Office continues the search for the body of Simon Powell.

Below are more photos sent by the BCSO of the area they are searching based on the information developed after the arrest of Stacey Lynn Welch.

#Update | July 14th, 2022 (WJBF) – The Burke County Sheriff’s Office is at a local pond to search for the body of Simon Powell.

The pond is about 2 miles from Ponderosa Road.

The suspect, Stacey Lynn Welch, has been charged with Murder, Armed Robbery, and Kidnapping.

NewsChannel 6 has a team in Waynesboro, we’ll have the latest details as the day progresses.

BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Just over 6 years from the date Simon Powell went missing, a suspect has been arrested and charged in connection with his disappearance and murder.

Burke County Sheriff’s Investigators have arrested and charged 38-year-old Stacey Welch. Welch was recently wanted for questioning with a $30,000 reward offered to those in the community who could help locate her.

Simon Powell was reported missing in 2016.

The timeline of his disappearance and what lead to Welch’s arrest can be read below:

Sheriff Williams sends his heartfelt condolences to the Powell family and hopes that today’s development will bring the family some level of closure.

This case remains active and more arrests are expected.

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