Fort Gordon, GA (WJBF)- In February the US Army Signal Corps Museum on Fort Gordon closed down because of base growth. Now, they need your help to secure a new home for the artifacts housed there.

The museum is home to hundreds of artifacts, most of which are currently sitting in boxes. They are hoping to secure funding to purchase the old National Science Foundation near near Gate 1, which comes at the hefty price of $4.5 million.

If they aren’t able to get funding soon, artifacts like a section of the Berlin Wall, three Oscars, and a telephone used by Adolf Hitler will leave the CSRA.

Amy Tuschen of the Fort Gordon Historical Museum Society said that once they leave, they may not come back.

“What the Army intends to do is ship them to Aniston, Alabama as an interim holding place. There’s another museum out there, with the intent of eventually getting them back. But once they leave it’s hard to say that they would all actually get back, though they would stay together,” explained Tuschen.

Tuschen, an Army brat, said that she has a personal interest in keeping the museum going.

“And I spent 8 years in the Signal Corps and I spent a lot of years working out here at Fort Gordon and this is just too important. I actually just lost my dad in February and he was a Signal Corp Officer and this is our history that we really need to be able to keep and share with other people.”

The building on post has to be vacated by August and Tuschen said they need to start moving artifacts in June.

If you are interested in making a donation to help the museum secure a new location, just CLICK HERE.

Photo Journalist: Mark Gaskins.