Williston-Elko High School students open The Clothes Closet


WILLISTON, S.C. (WJBF) — The second story of the Williston School District 29 Building is dedicated to The Clothes Closet. The project put on by the National Honor Society at Williston-Elko High School is meant to give those who need clothes in the community a new outlet.

“We’ve really now been able to make this a place that we treat as a community store,” Dr. Christie Palladino told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk.

The Clothes Closet is made up of two rooms with clothes for adults and children as well. “We also have things like professional business attire because that’s really hard for some people to get for like job interviews so we have those.  We have handbags, household items, like dishes and stuff like that and shoes and books and toys available for kids,” Senior Evan Overton said.

The project Is a labor of love for the team involved. 

“When we first got here, the entire room had nothing on a hanger, on a rack, or anything, everything was on the floor and there was trash,” 11th grader Karli Overton recalled. “We took one thing out at a time. You got to take it piece by piece and we eventually got it all looking right,” she added.

The idea, in the beginning, was something thought of by the school district. “NHS kinda took it and remodeled it and took it under our own wings and ran with it, Karli Overton added.

The project is now turning into a team effort within the community.

“We’ve started working with other community agencies. So that has been very beneficial because maybe they are providing a home for someone or maybe they are providing food and then we can be that element that helps provide the clothing for them,” Dr. Christie Palladino added.

“It’s really empowering because in Williston – we have our little community and everyone knows everybody but it’s hard to really feel like you’re giving back at such a young age,” Madisyn Williams said. “It’s a good feeling to know that this is a big thing and this can really help,” she added.

The store is giving the honor students involved a new view of the world.

“Now they are thinking through business skills and leadership skills of how do I keep this running, what does my budget look like, how do we keep things organized, how do we reach out to the community,” Dr. Palladino also said.

Their goal is to make sure shoppers feel right at home.”To make this a place where anyone who is in need can come and feel like they are shopping anywhere else they would normally shop.  We just don’t happen to have a price on our price tags,” Dr. Palladino added.

Everything inside of The Clothes Closet is free.  The store is open during district hours. 

Right now the 30 members of the Honor Society at Williston-Elko High School are looking for monetary donations. The group is working to get a washing machine and dryer for the store.  

We’re told right now, the group plans a one day trip to the local laundromat to wash nearly 60 loads of clothing at one time.

“This is for the community but we could not have done this at all without people in the community stepping up, helping us by donating.  It’s for the community by the community,” Karli Overton added.

The district office is located in the old Williston-Elko High School at 12255 E Main Street.

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