Will voters make this a change election


 Incumbents have the built in advantage in  elections  but challengers -have- knocked  off  sitting Augusta commissioners over the years.  

Of course that depends on the attitudes  of the voters.  

Is this year a change election with a throw the bums out mind set?

Or are voters more content with the status quo, and to stay the course.

We caught up with two early voters today to find out how they feel. 

 I think everything is working find I don’t think there needs to be no change,” said voter Robert Huff.

“So you like the status quo?’

 “I’m satisfied keep the good work going,” Huff said.  

‘The way my feeling  make on this stay the course how come, everything seems to be doing pretty good, at this point just stay the course,” said James Johnson.

Voters are also deciding two commission races where the incumbent is term limited. 

 District 8 is somewhat surprising  where Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle is leaving  Brandon Garrett is running unopposed. 

But  in   District 10  there’s a contest, as John Clarke is facing Doctor Lori Myles.

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