AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The East Central Public Health District has a new way to serve  women and their children ‘WIC in Motion’, a mobile unit bringing nutritional services right to parents’ doorsteps.

Lisa Murray is the creator of the mobile van and she says the idea is to help parents  in rural communities who don’t have transportation.  The program was put on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now Murray says it’s ready to hit the road.

Coordinators and many with the WIC program held a ribbon cutting to celebrate.

“The van was just a normal van it had to be gutted and it had to be up fitted with all of the medical equipment that you would need in order to have medical services you know we do heights weights  we take hemoglobin to check for iron levels” said Murray.

The mobile clinic will serve in 13 counties to any WIC participant – providing things like breast feeding education , and distributing food instruments.

“what we are doing right now is we will have a calendar of where the van will be, the van will be in a different community or a different health department or at a different outreach event” said Murray.

Others who are helping with the process say they are excited to expand the programs outreach especially for families who are unable to come into the WIC clinic during business hours.

“I have an a part of the Wic program Department of public health over 21 years now so to see where we were to see where we are it’s a milestones I am so grateful and just so thankful to be a part of this lunch transitioning from the vouchers no more way to be lying actually just swipe” Olaundra Grace, WIC Dept. of public health.

Visit the Eastern Central Health District for more information about ‘WIC In Motion.’