What you need to know before “Hands Free” law goes into effect in Georgia


Georgia drivers, listen up.

July 1 is Sunday and that’s when you need to put the phone down or it’ll cost you.  

Georgia’s new “Hands-Free” law prohibits holding a phone or any other electronic device while driving.

That means texts, e-mails and videos will have to wait until you’re parked.

While the law doesn’t take effect for a few days, deputies say you probably shouldn’t wait to get into the habit of putting down your phone.

“If you’ve got a hands-free device or hands-free option in your car, go ahead and hook your phone up to it now. If you haven’t already done it, go ahead and hook it up,” said Columbia County Staff Sgt. Ray Childress.

Wesley Thompson with My Wireless on Davis Road says his store has been busy with drivers buying hands-free devices.

“People are making sure they get the blue tooth headsets,” said Thompson.

We found several options in his store.

“We have a magnetic holder right here. You can just put the magnetic strip right there on your case or your phone. And this right here, it rotates.So, you have have it there where you can view it,” said Thompson.

There’s also the headset if you prefer that option but he says the two can go hand in hand.

When it comes to the cost-

“Ours are under $30.00 and so it’s very affordable and I’m pretty sure it’s a lot cheaper than a ticket,” said Thompson.

Thompson is right.

If you get busted, first offense is one point on your license and a $50.00 fine, a 2nd conviction is 2 points and a $100 dollar fine. A third will cost you another point and a $150.00.

If $30.00 is too much for you when purchasing a hands-free device, we found several online that are cheaper than that.

Some are under $10.00  

All you have to do is enter “hands free cell-phone devices” in your browser’s search engine.

The “Hands Free” law doesn’t just apply to your car.

If you have a road ready golf cart, you better get a hands free device for it too.

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