What to know when it comes to insuring your home



“They had 650 claims in this area from Thursday nights storm. I understand that they are really busy, but it’s hard on the homeowners when we are waiting to get repairs done,” says homeowner Becky Dearden.

Becky Dearden says she’s waiting on an insurance adjuster to come out and service her house for the damages caused by last week’s wind and rain – after a tree fell on her house and the AC unit. She says the damages done to the house have changed their daily life.

“There’s a bathroom area that we don’t let the girls go into because we think that the ceiling is going to fall in at any minute.”

I spoke to State Farm Agent Sammy Sanders, he explains some of the things a homeowner should look for when it comes to buying home insurance.

“If I were the one asking the question i would just make sure that somebody explains to me how these coverage’s work and make sure that based on my situation that it is adequate for my situation,” says State Farm agent Sammy Sanders.

He says there are center factors that make up what type of coverage you can chose from.

“There’s coverage for the contents inside the house, which would be considered personal items. There’s a dwelling extension that covers anything like sheds and fences and then there is also things like loss of use, which is a coverage that will pay a place for you to live in for a while.”

Dearden says she just has to play the waiting game and see how and when things will get resolved.

“It is very frustrating but as a homeowner you’re worried about yourself and you want to get started on your stuff as soon as possible.”

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