THOMSON Ga (WJBF)- “They’ll see a lot of our snakes are pastoral they’re right below the ground surface they’ll be underneath some leaves or something like that.” said Lee Taylor, Regional supervisor, Clarks Hill WMA.

It’s the start of the season where you’ll find snakes near your yard or even when you’re taking a hike in the woods.

Animal rescuer Meg Francoeur say you usually will find them in unwanted places.

“Because there’s so much growth going on around them they don’t have anywhere to retreat to they loose habit so they end up in peoples yards and on their porches and we get a call” said Francoeur, CSRA Free Snake Relocation and Education.

There are different type of snakes to look for in our area. In fact, Georgia has 46 native species 6 of them are venomous.

“We have one that’s endangered, the black indigo snake we have two very small snakes they are crown snakes they are about less than four inches so we have a lot of cool snakes here in Georgia” said Taylor.

Snakes like to come out in the summer months when it’s hot and you can also spot them at didn’t times.

“Early mornings and late afternoon evenings are when they’ll be active so just be aware that they’re there generally if you spot them you leave them along or you can call someone like me and I’ll come and move them for you ” said Francoeur.

Non-venomous snakes in Georgia are protected, so if you see one don’t try to kill it because that is illegal.