AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – People made their way to Aiken for a fun time at the Western Carolina State Fair.

Whether it’s spending time with family, winning prizes, or checking out rides it’s clear that there is plenty to do.

When you come to the fair what is the one thing that you have to do?

“For the kids it’s playing the games, and we did alright there, and for me it’s food on a stick. I haven’t tried all of them yet today but I’m still making my way around and figuring out what’s going to be for dinner,” said John Lefebvre.

“I think the rides are a lot of fun, my personal favorite was ‘The Beast’ where you’re going all over the place,” said Edward Alston.

“I like that kiddie dragon over there, it’s great for adults who are scared of everything, it’s a fun ride and it just goes and goes and never stops,” said Delilha Stetson.

Along with the rides and games another item on peoples list is the food.

What’s the one food you have to get?

“I would say a funnel cake,” said Syren Sharper.

“For me it would probably be a philly cheese,” said Bria Tony.

“Cotton Candy,” said Edward.

“I wish I could name everything but you can’t go wrong with ice cream,” said Delilha.

The Western Carolina State Fair also has shows including a demolition derby.

“They keep doing laps until one car is left and all the other ones get too banged up to continue. Old beat up cars crashing into each other, and with each crash there’s louder cheers it seems,” said John.

The Western Carolina State fair is open now until October 22nd and if you haven’t been yet then fair goers have a message for you.

“Run, don’t walk,” said Syren.

“Get here, get here early and make sure to be the first in line for any of the rides,” said Bria.