AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – It’s that time of the year again for rides, food and fun, and if you’re in Aiken there’s no better place to go than the Western Carolina State Fair.

The Western Carolina State fair has its share of activities, so we stopped in and talked to guests about what they were most excited about this year.

What’s the one thing you’re excited about the most?

“The one thing I’m excited about the most is the rides, I love the rides, I’m scared of heights but I faced my fear and I got on some of them roller coasters, and I had a blast,” said Jimmy Pugh.

What was your favorite ride today?

“I’m going to have to say the Himalayas, they were great. It’s a fair classic, you can’t go wrong with it,” said Rubie McCarson.

“The carousel, because it doesn’t go up high,” said April Boone.

“The Ferris Wheel. It just shows the whole view of everything around. You can get a top view and be able to get the whole scene in one ride,” said Becky Love.

What’s the one food you have to get when you come here?

“You know it’s the hog leg. They got it on point, it’s amazing,” said Chad Love.
“That fried gator is worth it,” said Jimmy.

“Italian sausage dog,” said April.

“Funnel cake, because it’s good,” said Sheeneka Mitchell.

“The chili cheese fries,” said Mckenzie Turner.

 We ran into a young man named Kendal who had his own take on what the best food was.

“Probably fried Oreos, because they’re Oreos, but better,” said Kendal.

Everyone we talked to seemed to be having a good time and they encouraged others to come out.

“The games are fun, everybody’s friendly, there aren’t any problems here, it was really nice,” said Jimmy.

“The atmosphere here is awesome, you can’t go wrong when you come here, it’s an amazing experience,” said Chad.

“It’s just a family friendly environment, we enjoy it,” said Rubie.

 “It’s a good fellowship, it’s a lot of fun, and you get to see a lot of people you know when you’re walking around at the Aiken fair,” said Becky.

The Western Carolina fair is open now until October 23rd. For more info on deals, times and ticket prices CLICK HERE.