Western Carolina State Fair back and open for business


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – The Western Carolina State Fair is back. Fair-goers of all ages were excited to be back at the Western Carolina State Fair.

“We’re reopening the fair this year after taking a year off last year and it’s really been great weather for it and we’ve had a really good turnout. Last year, it was just more of a small carnival because of the social distancing and all of the requirements because of COVID. This year we’re back, better than ever. Everybody’s having a good time and we’re glad that we were able to reopen this year,” said Doug Wolf, Board of Directors, Western Carolina State Fair.

The fair’s back with a bunch of new attractions. There are new rides for children, a petting zoo by Eudora Farms, a demolition derby and more. Patrons attending the fair let WJBF NewsChannel 6 know about how their time was at the fair.

“How’s your time been out here at the fair right now?”

“It’s been good. I like it. I like the food and I like to spend time with my friends,” said Joseph Dube.

“When you come to this fair, what do you look forward to the most?”

“The turkey legs, man. They be hitting different,” said Lazaro Gorosito.

“Just making my daughter smile,” said Charlie Andeser.

“What’s been your daughter’s favorite ride coming out here?”

“The roller coaster,” explained Charlie.

“Why’s that?”

“She likes to scream,” said Charlie.

The Western Carolina State Fair runs until October 31st.

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