COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA ( WJBF) – It’s been nearly two years since 28-year-old Alex King died from an overdose after taking fentanyl laced pills.

“We’ll never get to see Alex again. We’ll never get to celebrate any birthdays. We’ll never get to see him have his own family,” King’s stepfather Bryan Lugo said.

Though time has passed his family’s call for answers has only grown stronger.

“We just don’t want him to be forgotten or his death to be forgotten,” Lugo said.

Earlier this year, District Attorney Bobby Christine announced an indictment for felony murder for Colin Magill, the man accused of selling King the pills that led to his overdose.

“We are making clear, you peddle illicit narcotics in our community and a death result, if we can develop appropriate facts, we will pursue you and charge you with murder,” Columbia County district attorney Bobby Christine said.

However, King’s family said they recently learned Magill has been offered a plea deal.

“The plea deal seems to dismiss Alex’s death,” Lugo said.

Bryan Lugo, Alex’s stepfather said a plea deal is disappointing and he wants to see Magill prosecuted on felony murder charges.

“We believe that it’s murder. I’m not a legal expert or an expert in the law, but for us we just believe that Alex was killed by somebody, and we just want to see the justice that way,” Lugo said.

However, King’s biological father Sam King said he is in favor of the plea deal and confident in District Attorney Bobbby Christine’s passion about removing the poison of fentanyl from the streets of Columbia County.

” I do not believe this passion and determination will be diminished at all by any future negotiations or agreements regarding Colin’s case. I support the direction Mr. Christine’s office beliefs should be taken with this case in order to have the most significant impact on the safety of our community,” King said.

District Attorney Bobby Christine said the case has been arraigned and is an active prosecution.

“The status of the case is “trial pending”, however, though we continue to prepare for trial, negotiations are a part of that process. Before any final resolution is reached, we will consult the family to let them know what to expect and what the issues to overcome may be,” Christine said.

Lugo said the family is calling on the community to send a message to the DA to continue to pursue felony murder charges instead of letting Magill accept a plea deal.

“If we as a community could get together and send the message out and change the narrative because these are not overdoses these are poisonings, we could really probably help a lot more families from suffering the grief and devastation that we have.”