DEARING, GA. (WJBF)- “I think we do have to adapt the way we look at healthcare. Um, but we do have to meet people where they are, not just figuratively, but you know physically as well. And, um, you know if you look at some of these volunteers as well– a lot of the residents– they look like the population. That’s also important, people need to see themselves, it builds trust in the community,” AU Health Public Health Dr. Jessica Lynn Stewart said.

McCorkle Nurseries houses more than 75 migrant workers on site, while providing access to medical opportunities those workers otherwise would not have.

Which is why representatives from several organizations showed up to help.

Dental, Medical, Cancer Center, Public and Preventative Health, Piedmont Mammogram Van and Shepeard Community Blood Center were just a few of the resources available. 

“Seeing this in the community and how it actually affects people and I hope to take what I learn and just actually apply it to those people and just educate everybody,” Public Health student Ashlyn Hosti said.

Dr. Jessica Lynn Stewart of AU Health says that’s the reason she partnered with McCorkle to organize the event in the first place.

“They have a large migrant population, which is actually, if you’re familiar with– I’m trying to think– Visa programs, H2A’s which is an agricultural visa. People that come on 10 ye- 10 month periods of time during the calendar year, um in order to work during that time,” Dr. Stewart said.

“What’s really important to me is that education is always coupled with, you knowI have a public health background. There’s a lot of services you can provide, but you also need to have a learning experience– people need to learn things. And, um, any information you can provide about access to other services is also important and I think that’s what– if you talk to anybody at these tables, they’re trying to do today.”

Medical and health Students volunteered to perform different tests while also educating the workers on signs to look out for, for their own health. 

Public health student Ashlyn Hosti says this was her first time experiencing something like this.

“I just started in January of this year and now I’m going into my internship which is my second semester of May and this is my first time being here at the health fair. So, it’s so amazing, I’ve never had an opportunity like this before.”