(WJBF) – With the past week’s heavy rain, many Augusta homeowners have a huge concern on their minds.

The question of how to protect one’s home from flooding has become increasingly imperative to answer, since the recent issue of water damage in homes in the CSRA.

One way to address a water damage problem before flooding occurs is to make sure the house is protected under a flood insurance policy.

Some assume flood insurance protection policies are already covered in their homeowner’s insurance policy, when in fact; a separate flood insurance policy is required.

It is also important to remember to have an emergency kit readily available in your home in case of flooding.

A kit should include medical supplies, such as bandages, ointments, etc., water bottles, flashlights, batteries, and food, as well as essential phone numbers.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, also suggests taking precautions before a flood occurs, specifically elevating the house if you live in an area with frequent flooding.

The process of elevating a house includes having professionals disconnect all utilities and paying special attention to anything electrical.

The house will have to be raised to a new height, with a new permanent foundation built underneath.

FEMA also warns that if the home is flooded, to remember to stay away from anything electrical and to find, and remain at the tallest point in the home.

There are also flood maps with official measures of how high flood waters can rise where you live on FEMA’s website.