WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – The Waynesboro Police Department had a special mission this Christmas for one family; while focused on keeping the community safe and helping bring about a peaceful holiday season.

“Officer Jenkins has been a huge blessing to my family,” said Vernelle Davis.

Vernelle Davis and her family are bringing in this Christmas holiday with faith.

“Basically just looking at my kids is what keeps me pushing,” said Davis.

That’s after a tragic car accident, back in October, took away their only way of transportation.

“We were actually going down Bob’s academy and there was something in the road a dip or a ditch or something in the road that caused two tires to combust, brand new tires actually, to combust and have us lose control of the vehicle,” she said.

She says they lost control of the car, and to avoid colliding with another oncoming vehicle, they had to run into a ditch which ultimately totaled their truck, leaving her husband with no transportation for work

“Now, I have to walk back and forth to work, each and every day, just to make sure that my family is okay, we trying to get us another truck. So, I’m working real hard,” said Marcello Rolland.

Davis says it’s about a 15 to 20-minute walk for him to get to work, but that’s not all. The mother of 6 was pregnant with twin boys at the time of the accident.

“November of this year on the 23rd was when I started to hurt real bad and I recognized I was having a miscarriage, but it turns out I was in full active labor with the twins,” said Davis.

Davis says she was 6 months pregnant at the time.

She says, “Two of the EMT drivers that were there was able to catch them by the time I went to the hospital, I had delivered the second baby and by that time both of my babies were deceased.”

Davis says she had plans to name her twin boys Marcello Jr. and Peter. Today the family held a balloon release in their honor.

“Today I wanted to feel a little peace, and I knew I couldn’t do that without giving them a proper burial,” said Davis.

And even as the family lays the twins to rest, their financial hardships continue. That’s why Cpl Gary Jenkins stepped in to get the family some help.

“I met with them and they told me the story and I was moved and every time I meet with them every time I talk with them. There’s been several phone calls, several visits, they’re always very high spirited, if you look at them, you’ll never know that they’ve been through what they’ve been through,” said Cpl. Gary Jenkins.

It started with small projects for the family. Building beds for the children, connecting them with resources, and now the ultimate goal, raising funds to get them a new family truck and provide them with a Christmas, they’ve never been able to experience.

He says, “We created the GoFundMe account so if anybody actually throughout the world, if they want to help, if they see the story, they can help and pitch in.”

They’ve set a goal of 2500 dollars and so far they’ve raised 200 dollars, but Davis says the help from the community as well as Cpl. Jenkins was more than what she was expecting.

“They’ve been there every step of the way, even more than family,” said Davis.