Waynesboro police officers now have authority outside city limits


WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – A proud day in Burke County on September 16th as the majority of officers with the Waynesboro Police Department are now sworn in with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office to ensure peoples’ safety.

Waynesboro police officers have already sworn to protect and serve the people within the city limits. Now officers are doing the same for all people in Burke County as police officers were sworn in as sheriff’s deputies.

The reach is even further for a Waynesboro police officer The partnership comes at no expense for the taxpayer. It just ensures the public gets the help they need.

The partnership does not mean there will be more cops out on patrol but Waynesboro officers can issue citations throughout the county.

“It protects our citizens and that is our main goal is making sure our citizens are protected. Whether they live in the city or the county, we care about all of our citizens,” said Waynesboro Police Chief W. J. Burley.

Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office added, “A call for a burglary in progress or something like that, that’s right there at the county line, before they wouldn’t be able to respond and our units may be three to five minutes away and you got a police officer 30 seconds away, that doesn’t make any sense. So together we will be able to respond because they’re certified.”

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