Watergoat Trash Traps


“The best step would be if people keep their polar pops in their car.” Tonya Bonitatibus, Executive Director of Savannah Riverkeeper.

The city of Augusta collaborated with the Savannah Riverkeepr to buy  three watergoat trash traps.
Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus, hopes these traps will curb the amount of litter and plastic waste that flows into the savannah.. 
Truck Carlson, the program coordinator for veterans for clean water, installed the watergoats and is in charge of the maintaining the traps.

“It’s a good education piece for the citizens to realize that even though your not near the water, what you do has an impact to the water.”

Each watergoat trash trap system cost between two and three thousand dollars.  so far, two of them are installed — one in lake Olmsted and one in Rae’s creek.
The watergoats are indestructible and mainly collect solid trash but truck says he finds some unexpected items when cleaning out the traps.

“Shoes. We find a lot of shoes, we don’t know why we find so much shoes in the waterway.” 

The goal is to eventually get residents involved in taking care of the water ways and monitoring the watergoats.those in charge of this feel people don’t realize how essential the waterways are to their daily lives.

“You ever had a storm drain in your neighborhood where a bunch of trash got on top of the storm drain…How well does it drain? It doesn’t so that’s why it’s so important we collect this stuff.” 

These traps are more than just a way to keep the waterways clean. these watergoats are way to get the youth involved. 

“The great things is for this particular watergoat,we actually have to ninth graders who live in the sub-division who are helping monitor and take pictures as part of their class project.”

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