UPDATE: Water is flowing once again at the Flowing Wells Spring.

Original article below:

Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – A stop at Flowing Wells Spring is something hundreds in our area do on a regular basis.

“I’ve been coming here the past eight years,” said Joshua Bernard.

“So, this water is important to you? 

Ah yes, we use it at the house for cooking and drinking, our animals,” said Bernard.

But visitors now are finding the spring, slowed to an unusable trickle, and traffic cones have been placed to block the entrance to keep people out.  

“We’re shocked we’ve been coming for months now so we’ve never seen it like that we’re confused if they’re fixing it or somebody broke it,” said Danielle Glassman.

This is private property, but it changed hands last year, and there has been a worry   the new owners would one day turn off the tap, and that would impact a lot of people.

“There’s plenty of other people with lots of different kinds of jugs all shapes sixes and everything,” said Courtney Wilson.

“And they will not have their water anymore? 

“Yes, it takes a lot away from the community,” Wilson said.  

After we called the new property owner, family members came out, they said they did not turn off the water they want the spring to remain open to the public 

That is why we buy this property, because we used to buy it every time come for the water right now, I want my people to have the water cause if somebody buys and they close it, then where do we go for the water, such good water,” said Niki Merchant whose brother bought the spring/ 

So, questions swirl as to why the water was not flowing but the plan is to get it gushing again.