AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF)- “I’ll be happy to give you feedback on what I see recurring down that stretch of road and how I think it may be helpful to deal with some of it is drainage and some of it is the base,” said Wesley Edwards who lives on Wagontong Road in Wagener, South Carolina.

People who live on Wagontong Road went before Aiken Council members expressing their concerns about the dangers of the road.

“AAA will not come out on that road we have quicksand directly across from our driveway my husband has gotten stuck in it our mail lady has gotten stuck in it,” said Christine Coffman, lives on Wagontong Road.

Neighbors say the road is unpaved and a rainstorm can cause deep mud-holes.

Aiken County Road maintenance says crews have been working to fix the issue as best they can.  

“We go out and we grade the troublesome roads like Wagontong and we handled the worst ones first and it’s sort of like a triage type situation” 

“If we can’t get it paved all we’re asking is that we just have better maintenance when it rains it’s just horrible,” one Wagontong Road resident said.

Road maintenance says it will take some time to get the road fixed, but they are looking for solutions.