Voters head to the polls on the first day of early voting for Columbia County chair runoff


In Georgia, early voting is underway for the July 24 primary election runoff.

One of the big local runoff elections- Columbia County Chair.

Whether it’s your first time casting your vote in Columbia County for this election or your 2nd time collecting the “I voted” sticker, people say now is the time to let your voice be heard.

“We’re very concerned about our leadership in Columbia County. So, I try to stress to my employees to get involved and do what they have to do,” said Voter David Petsch.

When it comes to turnout, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

“We have what, 90,000 registered voters, and only 20,000 came out for the May primary so we’re still hoping a lot more people come out,” said Board of Elections Director Nancy Gay.

Gay may be in luck.

More people turned out Monday for the first day of early voting for the runoff than they did the first day of early voting for the primary election back in May.

“If you voted in the May primary, then they need to stick with that same primary they voted with in May. If they did not vote or voted non-partisan, they can select democrat or republican for the run-off election,” said Gay.

We caught up with voter Gloria Crosby and her three “I voted” stickers.       .

“I’m proud to be a voter,” said Crosby.

If you’re on the fence about exercising your constitutional right at the ballot box?

“If you don’t do that, you can’t complain. You have to sit back and take what’s given to you,” said Crosby.

“Don’t complain if you’re not going to do something about it,” said Petsch.

Early voting takes place at Building G-3 in the Evans Government Complex off Ronald Reagan Drive.  

It’s from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday until July 20.

It’s closed July 4.

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