AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Nancy and Clinton Jones were visiting Freedom Bridge with their niece from California, showing off Augusta’s new pedestrian bridge.

“Right, when I got guests coming in bring them down here to see Augusta is growing, I’m excited about it when I come down here, I feel good,” said Clinton.

“It’s very therapeutic you’re relaxing you’re seeing the water you’re seeing the buildings it’s got it all going on down here,” said Nancy.

“I do hope they maintain this place, somebody down here to keep it clean, get the mayor or council or somebody to make sure this place is kept up,” said Clinton.  

The bridge has just been open for two months, but we found some of the paint is already peeling. There are two dozen large pots for plants but some of the plants are already gone, leaving holes behind, and some pots are leaking and leaving large stains on the bridge deck.

“That would concern me, I certainly hope we can get it back working like it should be,” said Nancy.  

“I’m very concerned about that, this is a nice place to bring visitors when they come to your home,” said Clinton.  

 “If it’s already two months and this is happening what’s going to happen in two years, what is it going to really look like all the money that went into building it the same amount needs to be put into it keeping it maintained?” asked Nancy Appling from Martinez, California.  

The bridge is an attraction, but will it stay attractive?