Vision 2035 plan promotes activity centers in Martinez


Live, work, play is what everyone in Columbia County strives for an what the Vision 2035 Plan makes possible.

Executive Director for Development Authority, Robbie Bennett, says, “our goal is making sure that we have the product available for companies who are looking to grow and locate here, working with our business community to make sure that they have all of the resources they need to be successful.”

Three years down the road and Bennett says this is just the beginning.

Activity Centers in Martinez are what’s called the Martinez Opportunity Zone.

“Right now, the goal is to help continue working with opportunity zone to help leverage job creation,” says Bennett.

The Martinez Opportunity Zone also allows job tax credits.

“That’s in this corridor predominantly which is anything from Davis Rd. towards Bobby Jones, a little bit down Washington Rd. and all the way down Bobby Jones in Columbia County,” says Bennett.

Many people see traffic as a negative, but with a busy road and a shopping center on either side, there is opportunity.

“A restaurant that may want to locate here or a store that may want to locate in any of the vacant areas really depend on the traffic that is going down Washington Rd. And Bobby Jones,” says Bennett.

These roads are what can be referred to as the gatewat for Columbia County, making this activity center the perfect location for target industries to be prospersous.

“Cyber security, and government contracting, data centers, also health care is another target industry, and then small business and entrepreneurship,” says Bennett.

With 17 more years to go, Bennett says the plans goal is to find the best way to help old and new businesses thrive.

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