Veggie Park Farmers Market back for 7th season in Harrisburg


Tuesdays through October, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables in an Augusta neighborhood that’s known as  a “food desert.” 

The Veggie Park Farmers Market is Tuesday evenings from 4:30-7PM on Eve St. in Harrisburg behind the Kroc Center and near the Canal Trails. Veggie Park aims to provide local, seasonal, healthy food to people of all income levels and this is their 7th season. 

Sam and Loretta Adderson come each Tuesday like the have every year since Veggie Park started 7 years ago. NewsChannel 6 stopped by their farm in Keysville, GA as they got their crops ready to bring to Harrisburg. 

“We’re going to take some sugar peas, that’s the really big thing today,” said Mrs. Adderson. 

They also brought lettuce, potatoes, radishes and at least five kinds of kale. 

Mrs. Adderson is a retired nutritionist so her involvement is about much more than just selling their crops. It’s about healthy living education

“I just love the opportunity when they come and they’re inquiring– how do i cook that kale–what is it?” Mrs. Adderson describes. “There was a young [boy], I guess he was maybe about 5 at the market the last time and I said would you like to taste the Cherokee Lettuce? He said yes! I was so excited! Simply because to get a child to eat something raw like lettuce and a purple and green lettuce at that.” 

Veggie Park doubles EBT. In other words, for those who qualify for S.N.A.P. benefits, your dollar buys you twice as much. 

“When they buy and I know that it’s organic, it’s good for them, they can eat it raw and it has no pesticide on it, yes, that’s the highlight of my day at the market,” Mrs. Adderson says. 

At 75 and 73, Sam and Loretta Adderson are mentoring young farmers to teach them to grow nutritious foods for future generations. 

“So that they can continue this market and open up new markets and continue to provide certified, organic vegetables to the community and to this area,” Mrs. Adderson explains. 

If you want to get some of the Adderson’s and other farmer’s produce, get to Veggie Park early because often the food goes fast. 

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