Vaccination rates after Measles outbreak


Georgia is among the 22 states facing a measles outbreak.Tonight the CDCconfirms this a 25-year high in the number of cases across the country.

The organization says much of the outbreak is due to people not being vaccinated.

“I know when I was younger my mom gave us the flu vaccine and we all reacted differently to it but I ended up getting H1N1 and so did my older sister.”

Kamiya Smith has a four-month old son. She says she held off on some vaccines because of the problems she had after the flu vaccine when she was a child.

“So when I ended up having my child, I was kinda against it because I didn’t know if he was going to have the same reaction and I didn’t want him getting sick that young.” 

There are 704 confirmed measles cases in 22 states this year. The outbreak has caused some who did not get their kids vaccinated to rethink that decision. 

“They’re going to go into that setting and there going to get those infections. So you’re setting them up for potentially getting these diseases later on in life and later on in life is not a good time to get these diseases.”

Doctor Jim wilde talks about herd immunity meaning once enough people are immunized an outbreak becomes significantly less likely. 

“Herd immunity protects everybody even those who don’t have the vaccine, the problem is once your level of immunity gets below a certain level. Right now it’s 90-95% If we have 70% vaccine acceptance and 30% of people not getting vaccines all of a sudden we lost herd immunity.”

Since the disease does not discriminate, most parents continue to vaccinate, keeping the herd immunity percentage up.

(Spanish to English translation)

“I think that its a good way for them to grow healthy.”

 But there will always be two sides to this discussion.

“I don’t approve of it actually, I don’t because y’ know it’s my choice, he’s my child, he was in my body so you can’t tell me what to do with someone that I created.”

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