AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – March is Social Work Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “breaking down barriers”.

Here at home, the VA’s Homeless Program is reducing barriers to housing and other resources for veterans.

“It was very difficult transitioning, getting out of the military and trying to find steady employment,” said Tamron Murray, a U. S. Army veteran. “Trying to find somewhere reasonable to stay. I was suffering with a lot of mental issues coming back home.”

Tamron Murray, a single mother of two, says she found herself in a veterans homeless shelter in 2015.

“They were able to help me get housing, a home – three bedroom, two bath- a nice home, within two months of me contacting them,” said Murray.

The VA Homeless Program provides an array of services for veterans at risk for or experiencing homelessness.

Murray tells us the program also provided her job training.

“We don’t just stop once we get them housed,” said Faircloth, supervisory social worker at Veterans Affairs. “We really stay with them throughout the entire time that they’re with our program and it’s a team approach.”

Faircloth says her work in the program is a way to honor her father, who was also a veteran.

“I’m very passionate about being able to help veterans that are experiencing homelessness to have a voice- to be able to help them repair their lives,” said Murray.

Murray tells us that it’s people like her caseworker- who she calls her “accountability partner”- that help her to cope each day.

“It has really helped me to just continue to be able to provide for my kids and for me to keep going,” said Murray.

Faircloth tells us they have nearly 250 housing vouchers being used by veterans in Augusta, Athens and Aiken.

“Over half of our staff or veterans themselves,” said Faircloth. “And so, I think that’s part of why we are successful because we are able to quickly break down some of the trust barriers and help provide solutions to our veterans.”

“I’m grateful. From the grocery shopping, to buying my girls the hula hoops,” said Murray. “I’m grateful, and grateful.”