USC Aiken gets scooters to zip around campus


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Students, faculty, and staff kick off a new semester at USC Aiken August 22. This year, everyone on campus will be able to get around campus a little faster than usual.

You have probably seen the growing fad of scooters to get around bigger cities. Now, they are at USC Aiken.

Several scooters stand ready for use at USC Aiken.

“The scooters are just an exciting, fun new thing that we have on campus this year and the students have received them well already,” said USC Aiken Provost Dr. Daren Timmons.

The electronic scooters were introduced earlier this month. Anyone on campus can use the scooters for free.

Freshmen Brett Spradley said, “I think it’s pretty cool. I went to Pittsburgh this summer and they had them everywhere.”

Before you can use a scooter, you have to sign a liability wavier through an app called ‘Spin.’ The scooters will only be used on campus during daylight hours and a geo-fence prevents the scooters from going too far from home.

People at USC Aiken say this a great way to get around Pacer country.

Freshmen students gather in the quad at USC Aiken.

“It is a small campus but it’ll be cool kind of, you know, going from one building to the next kind of fast like that,” said Spradley.

Dr. Timmons added, “It’s to help students get across really quickly.”

If you leave a scooter in the middle of the road, they’ll find you. All of the scooters are tracked.

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