AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF)- They call it Eventing here at USC Aiken, but you know it as Equestrian.

Wednesday, the school got to celebrate what this team accomplished just a couple months ago. 

This past May, the Pacers traveled to Mill Spring, North Carolina for the United States Eventing Association 2023 Intercollegiate Eventing Championship.

But even with high hopes, they also came with butterflies in their stomachs. 

“I know personally it was my first time going to the intercollegiate championships,” said team president Carson Langenberg. “So I was nervous, we were all nervous, and we were very intimidated by the sheer size of some of the teams the colleges brought.”

Some of those big time schools included Georgia, Auburn, and Kentucky. But the big guns didn’t get to the Pacers, who stood victorious at the end of the day.

Chancellor Dan Heimmermann says this is a milestone for the university. 

“Winning the USEA Intercollegiate national title is a monumental achievement. One that elevates the name of USC Aiken on a national platform, and serves as a beacon on what we can accomplish when we come together in the pursuit of greatness,” said Heimmermann.

But for the girls, they say it gives this team a rare opportunity to be in the spotlight.

“To actually be recognized by the school, which is something we’ve been fighting for, is really really nice,” said team vice-president Heidi Gyselinck. “And it just shows that we can do something, and that we’re out there, battling it out with the big schools, so I think it was really important.”

“It means the world to me. Even though it’s several months later it still feels very unreal. It just goes to prove that any team can make it, no matter how small,” said Langenberg.

Gyselinck also adds that with this championship win, it’s a chance to send an important message to younger girls who are interested in joining the sport.

“This just shows you don’t have to go to the biggest and best school,” said Gyselinck. “You can go somewhere small and more centered, and it works out. So I’m hoping we get a couple girls. Even if we changed one mind, someone who wanted to go to Auburn or a bigger school, that’s a win for me in my book.”

All the members of the national champion team are returning for the new season.

The championships will be coming to USC-Aiken next Spring, so the Pacers are in a poll position to defend their title.