Augusta, Ga. (WJBF) – Close to one thousand bicyclists raced down the streets to their finish line. Bria Smith has more. 

It’s the second time in 10 years the USA Cycling championship has been held in Augusta. Nearly 900 cyclists have been competing all week and Sunday, marks the end of their race.

“This is our second time being in Augusta, we came in 2018. So,  it’s a beautiful city,” cyclist Loy Holt said.

Cyclists have been riding through Fort Gordon and parts of Downtown Augusta– for the championship– since Wednesday, August 23rd. 

“You got Fort Gordon that was close by for the road race, there was no interference. It was all well run, safe. I mean you can’t, you can’t knock it,” cyclist Charles Suard said.

Some participants have competed as cyclists for most of their lives, and really appreciate the unity in the sport.

“We were at Fort Gordon for three days and so, we stayed not far from Fort Gordon and so it was just a really easy trip in and we’ve been to dinner every night, and so, yes, we’ve enjoyed being in Augusta,” Holt said.

Holt tells me people come from all over the country to not only compete, but also enjoy what the area has to offer. 

“The comradery. Okay so, right now they’re fighting for places, but when they get done they’ll be talking to each other like they’re best friends and ‘what did you do that felt good, what di– you know, what speed were you going.’ and so, it’s a fight when you’re in it and it’s, when you’re done it’s ‘we’re good friends,’” Holt said.

Suard believes the culture of cycling is here to stay.

“Now that communities are building pathways where they can ride safely, no cars– things of that nature. People can walk with their kids; people can ride their bikes…” Suard said.

“So, it’s not going away and it’s good for your health,” Suard said.

I spoke with people supporting the racers and they say they felt the set up here in Augusta has been the safest and organized. In Augusta, Bria Smith, WJBF NewsChannel 6.