UPDATE: Aiken school construction and the district seeking teachers


Aiken High, North Augusta High and the re-located adult learning center are all getting major facelifts right now. 

Aiken High School’s phase 2 addition is well underway, with roof-decks going up now,”We are running about 35% complete there,” Kevin Chipman, Aiken School’s Facilities Construction Director, said. 

But North Augusta High is 60% complete. The first wing already has a roof and windows. The second part of the building, Chipman explained, is in the process of securing a roof… and windows to follow. 

The re-purposed Adult Learning Center by Aiken tech is also taking shape. With the brick facade in place, people seeking higher education will be ready to learn come August 27th: “We have got OSF scheduled for a final inspection coming up on the 21st.”

The board applauded that all that work has remained under budget. They hope the same for the Ridge Spring-Monetta K-12 project. 

With an unexpected road widening mandated, by SCDOT, the architects are still confident to stay on budget: “It is out to the main highway. The only cavite so far is that SCDOT says they reserve the right to require additional improvements at that intersection of Trojan Road and Highway 1.”

…. Once the elementary phase is complete. 

And with less than a week until Aiken kids line school hallways, the district is still short 13 teachers– half, the board explaies, are critical positions: like math, science or special education teachers. 

As for special education, 4 spots remain: “We have candidates who are interested in Aiken County but are only certified in the area of learning disability or emotional disabilities” Cassie Cagle, Aiken School’s Special Education Director explained. 

The county has filled 330 teacher positions this summer, so substitute teachers will look after those 13 classes until permanent educators are hired. 

Photojournalist: Antony Sherrod

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