AUGUSTA (WJBF)- To have lived a full life, most would say is an accomplishment– but to have lived one century, Arthur Judson Gay Sr. can check off his list. 

“Daddy is the oldest living [on] his side of the family and also the oldest living on his side of the family as well,” son Arthur Judson Gay Sr. said.

Several individuals– both family and friends– traveled from all parts of the country to celebrate Gay and his life. 

His grandson, Todd Gay, says it was so refreshing to see so many people that love his “papa Gay” all in one room.

“He’s [an] easy one to love– to know him is to love him and he’s just wonderful to be around and just by seeing all the people that are here today, it just shows you the impact he’s had on so many different people’s lives.”

Channel6 spoke with Gay, himself, on how he felt about reaching such an admirable age. 

“Well, it means a lot. I didn’t think I’d ever get this far.”

Gay Jr. says much of who his father was, is the foundation of the family he has grown.

“A lot of the values that Daddy taught us came from two things: one growing up on a farm and having to sustain your ownself and your own livelihood during the depression and during all of those times that people today don’t know anything about. Then he went into the Marine Corps which was not an easy task.

One of Gay Sr.’s grandsons and great-grandsons expressed just the kind of man he truly is. 

“Just a wonderful person to be around, and to hang out with and [is] just so loving,” Todd Gay said.

“He’s really a kind hearted guy and he sets great examples for everyone,” great-grandson Luke Gay said.

The family Gay created and the impact he has had on them did not go unnoticed.