“Unafraid” documentary on DACA students screens at Augusta University


One filmmaker followed the lives of DACA students documenting their struggles after they graduate high school.

Currently, undocumented immigrants are banned from attending universities in Georgia.

There was a viewing at Augusta University, which is one of the schools in Georgia that doesn’t accept DACA students. Presente Films stopped on their tour to AU to show their “Unafraid” documentary.

Silvia is a DACA student in the documentary.

“When I was five-years-old, I came to the United States with my parents and other family members and ever since then, we arrived here in 2000, and ever since then I’ve been living and residing in Georgia,” she says.

After graduating high school, Silvia was stunted from furthering her education.

Co-Director and Producer of “Unafraid,” Anayansi Prado, says, “to be undocumented in the south is very challenging.”

Prado followed three students for four years and documented the hardships they went through just to get into college.

“Georgia has a ban on undocumented students. It also does not provide in state tuition for undocumented or DACA students,” says Prado.
From rallying to seeing her friends getting arrested, Silvia agreed to do the documentary.

In the documentary there is a scene where she is speaking at Capitol Hill in Atlanta.

“When I received DACA, I took a risk. Not only for me, but for my family. They knew my address, but to say that they don’t know who we are, that’s a lie,” she says throw tears on the stand.

These moments are when Prado knew their stories needed to be heard.

“We were really inspired by their bravery for being out of the shadows and asking for a really simple human right which is just the right to higher education,” says Prado.

Inspired to create change, Prado says a key factor was combating stereotypes.

“These young people have been here for so many years that consider themselves Americans, who many don’t even speak their Native language, they don’t even speak Spanish that well, so that those kids actually get a chance to become US Citizens,” says Prado.

NewsChannel six reporter, Jenna Kelley, asked Silvia, “do you want to be a US citizen?”

“Of course!” She says.

If you would like to see the documentary, it will air nationally on PBS on October 1st.

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