AUGUSTA, Ga. ( WJBF) – U.S. Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth toured two homes on Fort Eisenhower Friday. One of them has been empty and needs renovations.

“I’m happy to see progress and certainly I saw a big difference between the before how if you will and the after house that specialist Sprinkeroff lives in he pointed out some things I think we still need to fix he had a couple of things in his flooring we needed to repair” said Christine Wormuth, US Secretary of the Army.

Fort Eisenhower is working to improve family housing, with some homes seeing issues with mold. Wormuth says it’s going to take a lot of funding to fix things. 

“I think what we’re going to need eventually is what I call a generational investment in housing the army has the largest inventory of barracks and housing of any of the services we have a $6.5 million back lawn for barracks for example”

Wormuth says getting lawmakers involved will help improve the housing on Fort Eisenhower.

“and we can’t do all of that as quickly as I would like inside the army’s budget so I think partnering with members of congress who want to see housing improve overtime is really important”