Two top city leaders out after Commission vote


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta City Attorney Andrew McKenzie and City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson are off the job for the city.

Following executive session Commissioners voted Tuesday afternoon to accept the resignations of McKenzie and Jackson.  According to Commissioner Mary Davis, the vote to accept the resignations of  McKenzie and Jackson was a unanimous decision of 9 votes as Commissioner Fennoy was not present.

Janice Allen Jackson, who grew up in Augusta, was hired in 2014 after a career stop in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Andrew McKenzie has been General Counsel for the city for a decade.

In the April 2nd Commission meeting, Ben Hasan raised a motion to fire to the city attorney after a controversy involvinig a decal for the Mayor’s new car. State law requires all vehicles to be labeled with the municipality it belongs to, with exception of law enforcement unless a public hearing is held. 

In the April 2nd meeting, Attorney McKenzie stated that the Mayor’s new Chevrolet Tahoe could be determined a law enforcement vehicle which prompted the outrage from Commissioner Hasan.

Wayne Brown will serve as interim for McKenzie.

Deputy Administrator Jarvis Sims will serve as interim for Jackson.

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