Two-Six Labs provides economic development at Georgia Cyber Center


Another private company has come to the Georgia Cyber Center providing services for cyber security.

The company hopes to provide economic development for the downtown area.

They’re called two-six labs. CEO Chris Greamo, says, “we are a research and development company focused on trying to solve difficult challenges for the national security.”

They work to trouble shoot, decode, and help agencies like the Department of Defense.

“The focus coming out of the military they have the background the training,” says Greamo, which is how they found themselves in the Cyber Valley at the Georgia Cyber Center.

Their first local hire is retired military, Alberto Reynoso.

“A lot of the innovation that we did not see in the military that I am actually able to see on a daily basis,” says Reynoso.

Right now a company of five Augusta locals, the employees say they are able to take their knowledge from the military and apply it to their job.

“Kind of the desire to solve and support the same type of missions that they were when they were in the government, but now doing it on the private sector side,” says Greamo.

Looking to expand to at least twenty employees in the next twelve months, their location is perfect for young minds.

Director for Outreach and Engagement at the Georgia Cyber Center, Todd Gay, says, “you can also have a relationship with the students that are in the building. These students can intern with these private industry partners and possibly get a job with them.”

If you have the skills, Greamo says you can be sitting a desk fairly quickly.

“Just on hiring, folks with these skills and this space can have multiple offers within days of interviewing with the company,” says Greamo.

Greamo says they are currently touring for a more permanent office space in the Georgia Cyber Center.

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